Only One risen Saviuor

Only One risen Saviuor
There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved - Jesus

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Some Things Just Aren't Compatible

I can respect atheists. I do not obviously believe as they do but at least they don't profess to be one thing while believing something else like the pope and millions, maybe billions of other professed Christians.
What am I referring to? The now in vogue belief that evolution and Christianity can coexist. I'm not here to argue against evolution. Clearly it is a theory I do not believe. What I am here to do is make it clear that you can't believe both the theory of evolution and Christianity. Here is why:
The Bible says two things very boldly and unapologetically. One is that God can do anything. According to the pope's statement today God is limited. Here is the problem. If God can't create he can't recreate. This means when you're dead you are dead. Atheists understand this. They admit that the theory of evolution begins in chance and ends in nothingness.
The second thing the Bible declares boldly is that death is a byproduct of sin and before death existed sin arose bringing death with it. The whole Bible narrative called the Gospel (good news) centers around our fall into sin and our rescue by Jesus. Jesus became human and defeated Satan's attempts to get him to sin. He succeeded where Adam and Eve failed and then He, the sinless One, died in our place, He - the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He then rose again conquering death and promised all those who believe in Him would rise to live forever with Him. That's the Gospel story. If death existed before sin and even before mankind for millions of years then death is not caused by sin and the whole Gospel story becomes nonsense.

So in essence if you try to marry evolution with the God of the Bible you end up with a God who is dependent on the forces of nature to do anything which makes Him little more than us. It makes every miracle in the Bible null and void including the birth and resurrection of Jesus. I guess that doesn't matter though because the mission He came for is also a non issue when death is just part of the natural cycle, has nothing to do with sin, and has no cure.
Speaking of null and void, that is what the whole Bible becomes in this evolution + God theory. Why? Because nearly every book of the Bible boldly and plainly refers to God creating the world just as Genesis 1,2 says He did. Even the last book - Revelation, in the context of the last era of this world as we know it says "Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of waters.
Question: If God isn't very powerful, was wrong about what causes death, sent His Son here to suffer and die for nothing, and has no cure for death and the mess we are in why exactly would any thinking person believe in Him?
We are all free to believe whatever we choose but when it comes to God, it is truly all or nothing. He either is the Almighty or the biggest lie of all time.
My last question is this: When I walked away from bladder cancer in 2005, when even my surgeon called it a miracle in front of a nurse and an intern I wonder what caused that miracle? When I was called into the ICU on the weekend to be with a family while they unplugged their son from life support who answered our prayer so quickly and dramatically that he was able to be air lifted to Edmonton shocking the medical staff?
God is not dead. God is not impotent. God is not confused. God does not need His Book edited or rewritten and certainly He did not send His Son for nothing.
We are free to believe as we wish but I have decided to follow Jesus and I'm not turning back.

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